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About Us

Our vision is a world without barriers to good health and wellbeing for Deaf people.

Our Plan

How SignHealth will change and grow so that we can do more to improve Deaf people’s health and wellbeing

Timeline of SignHealth's History: from 1986 as the Anastasia Trust to 2014 when SignHealth published the ground-breaking Sick Of It report.

Our Year in Review

Progress, challenges, changes, impacts and insights

Why SignHealth?

The majority of our 130 staff are Deaf people and our award winning board has been recognised for its diversity and inclusivity. Together we are working to improve health and wellbeing for everyone.

Deaf people continue to face barriers in mainstream health and social care services. Since 1986 we have been providing services to the Deaf community and campaigning for more Deaf awareness and better access.  

two women walking and signing