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Domestic abuse and football

The 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup runs from 20 November to 18 December.

Sadly, research shows that abuse towards women increases during the World Cup games.  

Domestic abuse can be experienced in many ways, and it is not acceptable under any circumstances. 

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or know someone who is, there is confidential support in BSL available for you when you are ready. SignHealth has a Domestic Abuse service, you can text 07800 003421 or email da@signhealth.org.uk if you are in an abusive relationship or think you might be.

Men, what should you be doing?

There are sometimes early signs of abuse. If no one acts when they see their friends behaving badly towards women, it can lead to dangerous consequences.  

If you notice that your friend is being rude or aggressive to women, tell them, “Hey! That’s not ok.”  

Deaf men, you should be accountable for your actions and for having important conversations with your friends about abuse towards women.  

**Campaign videos filmed in partnership with Deaf football clubs coming soon.**

This world cup, take a stand against domestic abuse.

Racist abuse

In the past, racist abuse against non-white players and fans has been a big problem for England.

25% of non-white football supporters have reported that they have personally received racist abuse on social media while discussing football.

47% have witnessed a non-white football player receiving racist abuse online.

An example of this would be the racist abuse that Bukayo Saka received last year.

When you witness racial abuse in the stadium, at the pub, or online, please take a stand against it.

We hope everyone can enjoy the World Cup this year in safety.

Let’s all support England together and take a stand against abuse of any kind.