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Supporting Young People

Are you a Deaf young person?

We are excited to be growing our work with Deaf children and young people. We are developing new ideas at the moment and will share more soon!


Service Information for Professionals

What you should know to stay safe

Expect Respect
What do good and bad relationships look like?

The Underwear Rule
Advice from the NSPCC for children

A short film commissioned by the Home Office

What does consent look like in a relationhsip?

Honour Based Abuse
You have rights

What is stalking, is it ok?

LGBTQ+ relationships
Examples of abuse

Female Genital Mutilation
What is FGM?

These short films show examples of unhealthy relationships and abusive acts. If you have witnessed or experienced any of these things please contact our team for advice and support.

More information and advice in BSL related to domestic abuse is available in our Health Video Library

“I had an ‘honour’ based killing in my family and no one explained to me what this meant. During a short one-to-one session with SignHealth I understood more, and now I can cope better.”

Young Deaf person, aged 13

Do you need someone to share with?

If you think you might be in an abusive relationship or if you have witnessed domestic abuse, please ask for support. 

SignHealth has a team of Deaf professionals ready, please contact us via email or text. 

Text 07800 003421

Confidentiality is important to us. For more information, please read our privacy statement.

Why is it important to raise awareness?

Young Deaf people miss out on important information about what domestic abuse is and the support networks available to victims. This can make young Deaf people more vulnerable throughout their lives.

At SignHealth, we believe it is time for a change. We are working towards a future where Deaf people of all ages can lead safe, healthy lives, with the same opportunities to meet their full potential.

SignHealth Crisis Text Service

If you are deaf and experiencing a crisis, text DEAF to 85258 for free and immediate support.

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