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Our Strategy


A world where there are no barriers to good health and wellbeing for Deaf people.


To improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf people.


Person-centred, involving, enabling, expert, respectful, and influential.

Our focus

SignHealth’s work focuses on Deaf people who use sign language: this is where our expertise lies and where we feel we are best able to help. The charity will ensure our work is fully-costed and planned.

Mental health

Sadly, many Deaf people continue to experience mental distress. SignHealth has always focused on offering support that makes a difference to mental health: be it through our care homes, psychological therapies, domestic abuse support or our advocacy service. We have rightly gained a valuable reputation for the quality of our services and these will remain central to SignHealth’s future. SignHealth will consolidate its position and look to grow its existing services to meet the needs of more Deaf people.

Social change through services and campaigning

Because of the work we do in our services we have a valuable understanding of the health issues faced by a wide range of Deaf people. We understand that Deaf people face barriers and obstacles. Rather than simply help people to get around these obstacles, we are committed to removing them. This will involve campaigning and lobbying on a variety of fronts: from NHS bodies to government ministers.

Increase our work with children and young people

We will continue to focus on adults of working age but increase our work to actively include children and young people too. We will not focus on working with people older than 65 in our social care services but we will continue to support people already in our care beyond that age whenever we can.

We will extend our existing work with Deaf children and young people and look at developing new services for them and with them. It is well accepted that prevention is important to long-term health. By working with children and young people we can hopefully prevent health problems from starting, or address them before they become more serious.


Working in partnership will be an important part of making sure we can implement this strategy. From working with established experts in the field of heart disease to continuing to work effectively with a diverse range of other Deaf charities, partnership will be essential to SignHealth’s success.

“Deaf” with an uppercase “D” is used to indicate that SignHealth’s focus will continue to be to work with Deaf people who use British Sign Language and it signals our respect for Deaf people and Deaf culture

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