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Our outreach teams

We offer support with difficult tasks and activities at home and elsewhere so that Deaf people can lead a more full and independent life. 

How We Help

Our specialist outreach workers are Deaf, or hearing people fluent in BSL, and we develop a personalised plan with each client. 

We offer a wide variety of support, including:

  • Learning skills for daily living
  • Budgeting
  • Applying for jobs 
  • Getting out of the house
  • Taking a course
  • Accessing other services or resources
  • Joining a club or social group

For example, if you need help with your grocery shopping, we can support you in deciding what you want to buy and how to plan a week of meals. We offer support in planning a trip to the shops, and tips for getting the shopping done. It means our clients gain confidence to do things by themselves.

Who does our outreach service support?

We support Deaf adults, specialising in those with mental health challenges, who needs support in their daily life and independence.  All of our clients are referred to us by social services.

What makes our service different?

All of our outreach workers are Deaf or fluent in BSL, and have experience working with Deaf people who have mental health challenges. This means we can get to know clients better and identify what support is needed.

Contact an outreach team

London, Hertfordshire, High Wycombe and Reading

London Outreach Team
Available seven days a week.

Skype london.outreach
Call 020 8673 9922

West Yorkshire

Leeds Outreach Team
Available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

Leeds Outreach Service
2 Constance Way
Leicester Place

Call 011 3245 7991

Greater Manchester 

Manchester Outreach Team
Available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

Manchester Outreach 
The Lodge
100 Bowfell
M41 5RR

Call 016 1747 9700


We have a limited outreach service operating in Birmingham. We hope this will increase as we work towards expanding our service.

Birmingham Outreach
10 Trident Close
B23 5TD

Neil Patterson 
Call 012 1350 0592