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It is worth thinking about how we get sleeping problems.  There are many different reasons for us to have sleeping problems.  First one is worrying too much, such as money problems, relationships, marriage, worrying about children, many different reasons.  This will make you think and worry a lot. 

Medication can affect sleep, so it is important for you to be aware of it, to read the medication leaflet of the side effect linked to your medication.  If it mentions it, then it is worthwhile for you to contact your GP and let them know that you are having sleeping problems. 

Drinking too much caffeine such as coffee, energy drink, sugary fizzy drinks can affect sleep. 

Whilst you are in bed it is not ideal for you to use your mobile phone or to use video chat, to watch television whilst you are in your bedroom or use computer/video game near bedtime as the lights from them will make you stay awake longer which is not good. 

Physical issues and health problems can make sleep problems. 

Also painful experience from your past or recently can give you nightmares and make it harder to go to sleep as you keep thinking about it.  That can affect sleep too. 

Depression or anxiety can sometimes cause issues. 

All these are different reasons why we have sleep problems during the night. 

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