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Do you have regular episodes of abdominal cramping or bloating?
Do you have regular constipation or diarrhoea?
Have you suffered from this problem for more than 6 months?
Has your doctor been unable to find any other cause for your symptoms?
If yes to all, then you may have IBS.


Abdominal cramps; bloating or swelling of the abdomen; constipation; abdominal pain and spasms often relieved by going to the toilet; diarrhoea; rumbling noises and excessive passing of wind; urgent need to visit the toilet and incontinence if a toilet is not nearby; sharp pain felt low down inside the rectum; sensation of incomplete bowel movement; needing to go to the toilet but not being able to. But patients with IBS can also suffer from the following symptoms that are not directly related to the gut: tiredness; nausea; backache; needing to pass urine frequently; lethargy; headaches; dizziness; muscle pains; indigestion; ringing in the ears; anxiety; depression These BSL health clips were produced by SignHealth with help and information from The IBS Network. If you need more information or advice, visit www.theibsnetwork.org