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Your doctor or asthma nurse should discuss with you the best way you can control your symptoms and should give you a written record of your asthma medicines and what to do if your symptoms get worse (sometimes called a Personal Asthma Action Plan). If this plan does not suit you for any reason, go back to your doctor.

You should also have an asthma review every year, even if your symptoms are well controlled or more often if your symptoms are difficult to control. An asthma review is an appointment where you and your doctor or asthma nurse talk about ways you can control your symptoms better. They should also check that you are taking your inhaler correctly. At your asthma review, ask for an asthma medicine card and a written record of how to control your asthma (Written Asthma Action Plan).

These videos about asthma and living with it were made by Asthma UK.

For more information on asthma, visit asthma.org.uk