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SignVideo are a leading UK provider of British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting services via Video Relay Services (VRS) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). SignVideo provides fully qualified BSL Interpreters on demand, via tablets, smartphones, computers and laptops.  

“We are delighted that SignHealth is SignVideo’s Charity of the Year. We are excited to partner with an organisation that shares a common vision for ‘communication equality’ through access in British Sign Language. We are hugely grateful for their support as it enables us to strengthen and grow our services to improve Deaf people’s health and wellbeing.”

– Lucy Warnes, SignHealth Director of Fundraising and Communication

This exciting relationship between a Deaf company and a Deaf charity is really inspiring, and the support from SignVideo will allow SignHealth to achieve its ambitious 3-year plan to expand their services to improve Deaf people’s health and wellbeing.  

SignVideo’s BSL video interpretation solution removes existing barriers facing service providers, businesses, work colleagues and family wanting to hold conversations with Deaf BSL-using people.  In addition, their service has reduced the previous waiting time of 3 to 6 weeks for a BSL interpreter to be available, down to an average of 30 seconds or less. 

Andrew Dewey, CEO SLi Group concluded by saying, “We are incredibly excited about appointing our first charity of the year and we cannot overlook our corporate social responsibility as a company. It is staggering to learn that Deaf people are twice as likely to experience mental health issues compared to hearing people which means it is so important for services to reach out to all sections of the deaf community.” 

There is a growing awareness about mental health among the Deaf community, but much more needs to be done. The average wait for a Deaf person to receive therapy is 12 weeks, compared to 6 weeks for a hearing person. Together, we want to improve access and achieve health equality for Deaf people.  

The partnership will start on 1st January 2021 for 3 years.  

Notes to Editors 


SignVideo is a service that enables deaf and hearing people to communicate with each-other. We deliver immediate access to online interpreting for deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users. 

The service can be accessed through any laptop, PC/Mac or, Android or Apple tablet and smartphone via the SignVideo App. 

SignVideo can be used in the workplace for face-to-face meetings, appointments, in shops or businesses and for telephone conversations. 

All you need is a good Internet connection. 

For more information about SignVideo, visit signvideo.co.uk and follow us on Facebook @SignVideoFan, or on Twitter and Instagram at @SignVideo 

Please contact SignVideo for more information- marketing@signvideo.co.uk  


SignHealth is the Deaf health charity led by Deaf people at all levels of the organisation. We are dedicated to making sure Deaf people get the same sort of access to healthcare and health information and we provide services to improve Deaf people’s health and wellbeing. 

For more information about SignHealth, visit signhealth.org.uk and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at: @SignHealth 

Please contact the SignHealth media team at communications@signhealth.org.uk for more information about this new partnership. 

How healthy are Deaf people?

Sick Of It is SignHealth’s ground-breaking report uncovering the health disparity Deaf people face in the UK. Published in 2014, the report has influenced policy and changed practices in the NHS to improve communication and reduce barriers.

Report: Sick Of It