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This is a true account of one man’s experience. We have kept his identity hidden at his request.

Before I asked my doctor to refer me to SignHealth’s psychological therapy service, I was not very well. I felt very down, stressed, anxious and I did not have much motivation or confidence.

I was also drinking far too much to try and feel better, calmer and to help me sleep. This caused a bad pain in the side of my stomach.

I put off asking for help for a long time because I did not realise that my GP could refer me to support that matches my communication needs. It also wouldn’t matter that I’m not perfectly fluent in BSL.

I wish I had asked sooner. Once my therapy started with a very supportive SignHealth therapist, within 6 months I felt more confident and motivated. I started going out doing things and meeting new people. I also halved my drinking and started to have a few days a week without drinking at all. Therapy with SignHealth was a life-changing experience for me.

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