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Danielle* was living in fear of her ex-partner, who had abused her for years. SignHealth helped to make her safe and support her in rebuilding her life.

Danielle lived most of her adult life in a severely abusive relationship. When she left her partner, she still lived in fear of him. Everytime she saw her ex-partner in the street she would turn and run, terrified.

Deaf women are more at risk of domestic abuse than hearing women are, and when sign language is their only language they find it harder to get help.

SignHealth provides the only sign language support service for Deaf women and children who suffer domestic abuse.

Danielle was in too much fear for her safety to live in her own home. At 32 years old she left her flat and moved back in with her parents. She’d been there for 19 months when she was introduced to SignHealth’s Domestic Abuse Service. 

Our support worker carried out a security assessment of Danielle’s flat, helped her to fit a video entry system, and gave her a personal alarm.

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With easy access to our team for help and support, Danielle moved back into her own home. The assistance continued for six weeks, with sessions in sign language to rebuild confidence, and learn new skills and assertiveness.

The next time Danielle saw her ex-partner in the street, she didn’t turn and run, she walked past confidently and carried on with her day.

Without SignHealth, Danielle would be living in fear, too terrified to go home.

 That’s not a life.

*Danielle is not her real name. We have changed it to protect her identity.

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If you are in an abusive relationship or think you might be, please contact us.

Text 07800 003421

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