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This information is from Self Help UK, visit their website for the latest updates about their Deaf Cancer Support Service.

Hello My name is Niki Johnson. In the last 2 years, I have been supporting Deaf people who have Cancer and their carers.

Why Deaf Carers?  They too have similar barriers.

This project has been funded by Macmillan. Deaf cancer support project is expanding and going really well. Our service is for Nottingham/shire & Derby/shire. Our service can provide videocalls support for Deaf people who have cancer . Those who are at home and want to talk another person affected by cancer or Carers, we can provide as they can empathise with you.

We have a team, Deaf Macmillan volunteers, all have been trained by Macmillan and Self Help. They are happy to provide video support in the UK.

We can use text message, messenger, or Zoom. We can provide 1:1 support or online groups with other deaf people with cancer on Zoom.

Volunteers are ready and happy to support you.

Maybe you can’t share your feelings with your family, you can with us or other Deaf people who have cancer.

If you are living in the UK and want to chat to get things off your chest

If you are interested and would like the support, please contact us on:

Text/WhatsApp: 07946685086

Email: niki.johnson@selfhelp.org.uk

BSL Health Video Library

The largest BSL video collection covering topics related to health and wellbeing, including cancer and depression, types of abuse and how to perform first aid.

We offer therapy in BSL

How to Refer

You can refer a Deaf adult in England and Wales to our Therapy Service by submitting this online referral form.