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Tips and Tools for the Walk4Wellbeing

Ideas for how to track your progress, fundraise online and connect with other walkers on the day!


Top Tips for Long-Distance Walks

How to track how far you walk?

Whatever distance you walk on the day (whether 3.5km, 3.5 miles or even 35km!) you can track your progress using the Strava app. 

Strava is a great way to track your steps and record walking distances, times and routes on a visual map for your friends and family to see. The app is really simple to set up. 

You can also connect Strava directly to your fundraising page so those who have donated can track your progress on the day. Click here to see how. 

We also have a Walk4Wellbeing Strava club which you can join to connect with other supporters to share, chat and get to know each other.  You can find our club under – Walk4Wellbeing team SignHealth.

*Note: If you use Strava, we advise starting and finishing your journey recording somewhere other than your home so that your address is not made public. For more information about Strava visit the website.

Invite others to join

You can copy and paste the message below to post on social media or share with others via email. 

Send a friend message saying:

SignHealth invites you to take part in Walk4Wellbeing to raise awareness of the inequality in mental health services for the deaf community and I thought you might be interested in joining!

The walk takes place on 3rd July 2021, find the details here.

Walk4Wellbeing hashtags

Why not take some photos of yourself and others walking on the day to post on social media or post a selfie using #Walk4Wellbeing #TeamSignHealth 

Andrew’s Tips for Long-Distance Walks

As a trustee at SignHealth and an avid walker, Andrew shares some ideas for how to take care of yourself during your walk.

Fundraising for Deaf children’s mental health

Your fundraising and donations will support us to develop our projects and campaigns to reduce deaf mental health inequality in young people’s mental health services. 

The Walk4Wellbeing is proudly sponsored by our Charity of the Year partner SignVideo.