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Walk4Wellbeing 2021

Join our virtual walk on 3rd July 2021. Choose to walk in a park, along the coast, in the countryside – it’s up to you!


Walk4Wellbeing is a virtual event taking place on Saturday 3rd July 2021. Walk wherever you choose –  in the countryside, in the woods, along a coastal path or in a National Trust park – it’s up to you!  It is an opportunity to come together, to be outdoors, get some exercise and enjoy the natural world, which is also a great way to look after your wellbeing. Equally it’s a chance to support the work of SignHealth by fundraising, donating and raising mental health awareness.

Challenge yourself to fundraise for SignHealth by joining the Walk4Wellbeing. We raised an amazing £5000 last year and look to raise even more this year but can’t do this without you.

By taking part you will raise awareness of the lack of accessible mental health services available for young deaf people and the mental health inequality that Deaf people experience more generally.

If we haven’t persuaded you to take part already, we are pleased to announce that all participants can order a special Walk4Wellbeing t-shirt!

Please sign up before the 18th of June to receive your t-shirt. Please note: We will be unable to provide t-shirts for sign ups after 18th June.

How do I take part?


Head out on Saturday 3rd July 2021. 


Choose your own distance and location. It could be a walk in your local park, countryside or woods, along a coastal path or within a National Trust Park! 

How do I sign up? 

1. Register online to take part in the challenge.


2. Start fundraising or give a suggested donation on JustGiving.

Fundraise. Set up your JustGiving fundraising page and set your fundraising target – This year we thought it would be a good idea to start your target at £35. 

We really encourage you to try fundraising if you haven’t done it before.


If you can’t fundraise this time, you can still take part with a suggested donation of £10 before July 3rd.

Please also help us raise awareness by sharing your experience so that everyone knows there is support available and no one needs to struggle alone.

3. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family so they can sponsor you for your walk!

Who can be involved? 

The event is for everyone! You can walk by yourself, with your family or with a group of friends. 

Get your own Walk4Wellbeing t-shirt after registration (a £5.30 charge is payable to cover postage and packaging costs). 

Tips to make the most of your Walk4Wellbeing

Get the most out of Walk4Wellbeing by sharing your progress on Strava with friends and family. You will also find lots of tips about how to improve your mental health in nature.

How far do you need to walk?

You can walk any distance you choose, the important thing is that you enjoy taking part and being in nature. Did you know,  it’s been 35 years since SignHealth was first established. As a suggestion, why not use this number to determine your distance, here’s some examples.

Let’s get walking for SignHealth!

Fundraising for Deaf children’s mental health

Your fundraising and donations will support us to develop our projects and campaigns to reduce deaf mental health inequality in young people’s mental health services. 

Invite others

Share your Walk4Wellbeing challenge on social media. You could send a friend message saying:

“SignHealth invites you to take part in Walk4Wellbeing to raise awareness of the inequality in mental health services for the deaf community and I thought you might be interested in joining!”.

The Walk4Wellbeing is proudly sponsored by our Charity of the Year partner SignVideo.