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We are very pleased to announce that SignHealth have won the award for Board Diversity and Inclusivity at the Clothworkers’ Company Charity Governance Awards.

SignHealth has a majority Deaf board (currently 6 Deaf, 3 hearing) and a good gender balance (currently seven women, two men). Trustees have a diverse range of racial backgrounds, life experiences, ages and geographical backgrounds all over the UK and Scotland.

Deaf inclusion and diversity have increased our ability to fulfil our mission of improving the health and wellbeing of Deaf people. We can better develop strategies that challenge institutional discrimination and lobby for specialist services. While SignHealth has always had sign language fluent front-line staff, there is now also a commitment to have all staff trained up to BSL2. We believe these changes have created a new sense of trust amongst our stakeholders and the wider Deaf community.

We’d like to thank our Trustees, especially our Chair, Jackie Driver, for their inspirational leadership which has transformed SignHealth into a truly Deaf-led charity. We also want to thank our staff, who go far beyond the call of duty. This award recognises that it really is possible for a user-led charity to succeed and excel.

Thank you to Mahua, Jason and Moona for collecting the award on our behalf.

Interview with Jason Potter-Laroy

You can find out more about the Charity Governance Awards on their website.

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