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You might have noticed our website has changed quite a bit.

New features

  • BSL content ∙ service details, registration instructions, short films and an excellent health video library.
  • Text, email or video us ∙ the contact information for most of our offices and teams includes a mobile number that you can use to video call us to make contact in BSL if that’s easiest for you.
  • Streamlined referrals ∙ wherever possible we have simplified referral processes. It’s now simple and straightforward to refer a Deaf patient or client to one of our services.
  • Email updates ∙ it’s now easy to subscribe to emails from SignHealth to recieve the latest information about changes to our services, health news or our campaigns.

BSL Health Video Library

Topics covered include viruses, diseases and cancers, mental health symptoms and common conditions, domestic abuse and first aid.

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Service name changes

Don’t worry, we still have the same amazing teams and services. We are just changing what we call them. We hope this reduces confusion in the longterm and helps GPs and other services know where to refer Deaf people.

Thank You

The majority of the photography showcasing our work and amazing team has been provided by the very talented David Levene.

The website was designed and built by the brilliant team at HandsUp.

New BSL video introductions were produced by our good friends at Weald BSL.

We would like to say a special thanks to everyone who has contributed content, advice, feedback, and more. And this is only the beginning. Please contact us if something isn’t working correctly or if you’re looking for something that we haven’t covered yet. We want your input so that our resources are useful and accessible for everyone.

Contact us at communications@signhealth.org.uk